What is Malibu Club Systems?

Powered by Hero Technology, it's the most advanced management solution to date.

Malibu Club Systems

Malibu Club Systems Inc. was founded in July 2017. The company was formed due to a major need for software to power and manage organizations such as homeowners associations, professional organizations, country clubs, golf courses and other member management needs. The founder worked for over four years developing custom integrations for one of the largest private communities in the United States. While there, he discovered the lack of software and solutions needed to adequately manage these types of organizations, thus the reason for all of the custom integrations.

Until now, there has never been a single point solution that touches every nook and cranny of an organization. Malibu Club eliminates the need to install different software or systems to run different parts of your organization. Malibu Club is the “end all be all” solution. You won’t need another piece of software to run your organization. The modular design allows you to choose the perfect combination of features to power your organization.

Your team will love using Malibu Club Systems!

Malibu Club Systems was founded by an Entrepreneur/Engineer who worked for some of the top fortune 500 companies. The principals of efficiency, intuitive design, eliminating waste, simplified processes, and other lean process techniques are built into the DNA of Malibu Club.

Imagine all parts of your organization working as one efficent unit. Everything talks to everything. Instantantly see key performance metrics. Instantly generate reports on any part of your organization. Significantly reduce administrative costs. Reduce the amount of errors in your process.

There is no software to install, you are not dependent on the internet for speed or to keep your business running. Our delivery method is as simple as plugging in an appliance. It runs lightning fast, browser based (Not Cloud) from any computer, laptop, or tablet in your organization.

We strongly believe you will be labeled as the “Hero” for your organization when you choose Malibu Club Systems. Let us show you how to reduce your administrative cost by over 30% while at the same time generating up to $300,000 in extra revenue per year for your organization.